Top 10 Misconceptions of Starting An Esports Center

We’re really gonna dive into part of my problem is the last few weeks. There are now 10 to 15 people contacting us a week that are looking at consulting packages with us, and getting started, and wanting us to help them get open. And there is this list of questions and misconceptions that they have in their heads, and they claim to have watched our twitch cast in the past, and I know we’ve talked about a lot of these things in different episodes, but today what I want to do is blow through, you know, a dozen of these misconceptions when you’re getting ready to look and open a center to just get everybody started on the right foot and save us all time is really what it is, from us having to get our staff involved with discussions that, you know, you should be far past a lot of these, a lot of these misconceptions if you’re thinking about opening a center.

So again if you’re an existing center and you wanna get to some meet with GGCircut news, upcoming stuff, and we’re gonna talk about our E3, my E3 trip, a little bit about our London trip in a minute. So right now we’re just gonna jump in to, you know, let’s say this is the top 10. It’s probably more than 10, but the top 10 misconceptions when you start and open a center. Alright so, number one.

I promise you that this happens 90% of the time on start up, owners, when they start their conversation with us, they’ll start it out as like, I’m so excited to get to know you guys, and have you guys, you know, share with me some examples so I can finish my business plan and go to the bank for a loan. And as soon as they say that, you know like, Those of us that are veterans in the industry, been around a while, and I think most business owners would think the same thing. It’s kinda like if you say to yourself, I’m gonna open a restaurant, and I’m gonna have this great idea, and I’m gonna go to the bank and get a loan. It’s really hard to go to the bank and get a loan for a startup business, You know. So what I did was, you know, I did some other things on my next point when we talk about some costs, but ya know you gotta compare that to an existing franchise or starting up a business for a proven model like a Subway.

When you go to a bank, you can probably have a better chance of getting money for a Subway, but they still have all kind of requirements for your net worth and personal ability to pay back that loan. So don’t think that the worlds greatest business plan is gonna be plopped down on a bank desk, and their gonna say oh my gosh that’s a great plan. You’ve thought of everything! Here’s $250,000, go open a store and let’s make money together. Like a bank does not want to be your business partner. A bank wants to make sure that beyond a shadow of a doubt, their paid back and they make interest.

That’s their job. So they’re gonna loan money on real estate, maybe some equipment but not really, and net worth for you as an individual and your ability to pay it back if the business fails. So if you wanna borrow $250,000 or the best first deposit casino bonuses canada, then you’ve gotta be able to pay back $250,000 if that business fails. Can you do that as an individual with your personal net worth. If not, I thought I always tell them, you gotta go find a partner.

You gotta go out and you gotta find a partner. So first one is, don’t start thinking you can go to a bank and get a loan. Second one is, I’m gonna build a plan around my funding ability.

You know like, what I tell people is don’t build a plan around your funding, build your funding around your plan. So a lot of times you know, they’ll come in and they’ll say okay, you know, I’ve got $75,000. What can I build for $75,000? That’s the wrong way to get started in any business. You know, it’s not about, I have this much money, it’s not like an investment.

I wanna invest $75,000 in an ESPORTS or a gaming center. You need, if you’re gonna open a store, you’ve gotta plan that store out. Irregardless of a beginning number in your head.

You know, like we even tell people it’s somewhere between $150,000, it could go over $500,000. We’re working on $750,000, and million dollar plans right now with some of our clients. So, you really can’t decide how much you’re gonna spend before you build the plan. So here’s an example.

So Subway, I just pulled this off the internet, so Subway offers their franchises, it’s between $116,000, and $263,000 to open one, and again they have to have that range because you open up in the Mall of America, versus you open up in my little town here in Indiana, you’re gonna pay way different rent, and way different build out cost. There’s a lot of things that fluctuate. But it’s in that range. But you also have to have a net worth between $80,000 and $310,000, and a liquid cash of $30,000 to $90,000. Like, you can’t even go to a bank and borrow money, all the money to open a Subway, you have to still have personal money to buy a Subway franchise. And it’s that way because they’ve got the plan in place first, and then they fund it based on their plan.

Another example I’ll give you is, we’re talking to a family entertainment center chain that sells franchises for trampoline parks and other things. That model that they do, they’ve got 50 of them open, they’ve got another 50 they’ve already sold. They open up, 2.5 million dollars it takes to open one of their franchise locations. If I’m dead set on opening a trampoline park, or a family entertainment center, and I say, I’ve got $210,000. I’m gonna open a trampoline park. How successful is that gonna be compared to if I’ve got the ability and the net worth to have 2.5 million dollars, and I open this franchise and do it the right way, at the scale it needs to be done, so that it can make money in a proven model.

You know, you’re just gonna put two or three trampolines into a place and try to grow that business around a model that’s kinda doomed to fail because you didn’t put enough money into it to begin with. So build your plan first, and then go get your funding. Don’t build your plan around your funding. Next one is, and these are all, and I’ve wrote em’ all as statements, so next one is I have a great location.

I hear that all the time. Like, don’t worry about it guys I have a great location already locked down. You know, and there’s so many problems with most peoples idea of a great location in our business, and there’s so many problems, a lot of people that aren’t business owners, that don’t think about things in a business aspect. You know, so for example, I got a really great deal on this spot. You know, some red flags should go off.

I’m not saying that some people can’t get a great deal, but if you’re getting space for like $12 a square foot a year, verses space that’s $24 a square foot a year, you’re probably getting what you pay for. So I just had a meeting yesterday with some partners of mine in an old company that I sold some stock to, – (laughs) You just said I stole some socks. – I stole some socks, I stole some sock, stock. I stole some socks. So, one of the things they do, is they do franchises in Araby’s and other food businesses, and they’re doing some Wings etc. and they own three of em’ right now.

One of them is performing poorly, and they know it’s entirely based on where they went. They found a good deal, and against their better judgment, they went with that location. Where they’re other Wings etc. in other locations, where they’re paying a lot more for rent, are performing financially way better than the one they got a good deal on the rent. There’s a reason why you get a good deal in real estate. Whether you buying it, whether your leasing it, or renting it, or whatever.

The deal is, you usually can tell, the location is probably not good. The other one is like, oh but it’s near a college, or it’s near a high school, or I’m gonna serve the college market. You know, like I hear that a lot, and again it looks good to those of us that, I’m not saying these are bad ideas. Really smart people have these ideas and come to us, and they just haven’t experienced what we’ve experienced. So, our failures can help them not make the same mistakes, so we opened a store in Bloomington Indiana and we were gonna focus on Indiana University students. That was our idea, to open up an Ebash in Bloomington Indiana.

And we never were able to really reach the college students. And I say this all the time, college students, their order of priority for their money, This is the first time they’ve been in charge of their own money, they’re out of the house they’re, I’m in charge of my money now as a college student. I, you know, the top three can rotate depending on if you have a girlfriend or not, but it’s usually beer, pizza, girlfriend.

Could be girlfriend, pizza, beer. Like college is, college students are really concerned with that. They get their social interaction and gaming in the dorms, or in the houses that they live in. I guarantee you, they’re getting that four of us sitting together, social aspect of gaming.

Now you could do tournaments, you could bring em’ in for special nights sure. But they’re not gonna be the core of your business. So, you know, I just, so many of these things that I feel bad that these people have really thought this through, and then they call us and they want some advice on these things and I have to tell em’ one by one by one it’s the wrong idea or that won’t work, or we’ve tried that and unless things have changed in the last three or four years drastically, and I don’t know about it that’s probably not gonna work. Alright, next one is, and this ones not really anything, but it happened in a couple calls in the last two weeks, so I wrote this down like you know, my passion is gaming. Like they’ll come to us and they’ll say, but I want, this is what I really wanna do, like my passion is gaming.

You know, your passion could be food, your passion could be working with kids, your passion could be teaching or whatever. Like passion is a big part of it. I’m very passionate about what I do.

That’s what drives me. That’s what gets me excited. That’s what, you know, the last 14 years of running this store that I’m sitting in today, and the reason why it’s still here is, a lot of it is my passion about it. It’s also a lot of intelligence in business chops that have come and I’ve learned a lot of them by mistakes over the years that makes this thing run. Passion is not the right reason to get into business. Passion is entirely a big part of being successful in that business.

You have to love what you do, but you really should not start the idea of like, I’m passionate about doing this because I can tell you, and I tell this to people all the time, you know and a call this week a guy, a couple guys were like but I know a lot of these centers make over half a million dollars a year. And I said well that’s funny because I don’t know hardly any that make over half a million dollars a year. I might be able to name one or two that make, and you know in our 14 years, we had one year we made over a half a million dollars. We had one year of 14 years and that was nine years ago. You know, like I haven’t been close to half a million dollars a year for this years sales in eight or nine years. So, you know, don’t just be passionate about gaming and think that’s gonna translate into making money.

Sorry I’m talking real fast, and I’m not really, I’m trying to be as pointed as possible so we can grab this clip and use this so a lot of guys can use this as their start up stuff. You know, feel free to jump in if I miss something on any of these points. Alright, next one is, I will start with 20 systems, and then I’ll add more as my business grows. I swear Jmac, like and I know you hear the same thing.

– Yeah everything that you say I hear multiple times a week. – Right, so this one’s important and we hear it a lot because of our current pricing where we have like, if you have 20 systems you can get it for $29 a month if you have 40 you can get it for $59. Like for some reason we hear these people come to us and it’s usually based on funding.

Again I make my plan around my funding, not make my plan first and then figure out how to fund it. So what they’ll do is they’ll say okay, I’ve got you know, $60,000. How many systems some billed out or whatever.

Okay I can start with 22 systems. So it never works. It never works. Like the only way it would work, and this is a huge asterisks, but the only way it would work is that we’re talking to some family entertainment centers that have all this income and all this staff, and everybody that runs their existing business already.

So they could drop 24ish systems into one of their family entertainment centers and that could work. But the only reason that works, is they have a huge food and beverage part of their business that they run. They have laser tag. They have redemption games. They have bowling.

They have go-carts. They have mini golf. They have all of these other things that they have revenue coming in for to pay their overhead. Their rent, their utilities, and their staff. Like, you cannot make a stand alone business and a lot of them too will open up and say, but I’m gonna do PC repair, but I’m gonna do iphone repair.

I’m gonna do those other things. That’s a real slippery slope. I’ve got somebody that’s been in an iphone repair business for like 10 years and they’re successful. They can open with 40 to 50 stations. I think they’ll be okay cause they’ve already perfected that. If you’re just getting in business, and you think you’re gonna open with 20 stations, and do PC repair and make money, it’s not gonna happen.

You know like, I feel like on a lot of these calls I’m a dream crusher, but I’m telling these people a lot of times, if you have $50,000 and you wanna open a store, go to your kitchen table, get out a pan put the money in step back a little get a cigarette lighter out, and light it. Light it on fire. Light that pile of money on your kitchen table on fire, and watch it burn. Maybe have a couple drinks around it. Celebrate or whatever, and then at $50,000 burnt away, and you just saved yourself the exact same thing, plus probably another $50,000 of debt on top of it, and stress and anxiety of a failed business. So, you know, I do not wanna see that continue to happen.

I’ve watched it for 14 years. If you are passionate, and you just are trying to do this with 20 systems and make sure this thing happens no matter what. You will fail, and you will be miserable, and it’s not gonna do you any good, and it’s not doing the industry any good to continue to have those stories happen. Alright, next one is but I can get 500,000 GB of internet for $99 a month. Like you know, they come into these calls and they’re like, but you know oh I’m right here and I’m gonna get this really good deal. It’s kind of like location.

It’s kinda like rent. If you can get that good of a deal on internet, it’s probably not the right internet for your business. Home internet, even business level internet that’s priced in that range is not the enterprise package that you need so that you’re not coming off of a shared node, with a bunch of other users in that network right around your business, right around your home, or whatever it is, whatever package they’re selling. You know, I ran an ISPI. I started in ISP, was one of my first businesses 20 years ago.

ISP’s generally pay for bandwidth. Three to four thousand dollars a gig, wholesale. Okay, that’s what they pay to connect their networks into other networks. That’s all the internet is, is that people own networks and they connect to each other and there’s a cost of connecting those networks. There’s no magical pipe of internet that sits out there that somebody owns and they sell.

They’re selling you a highway access to everybody else’s highway access. And if your paying that amount $99, or $199 or whatever, and you’re getting a gig, you’re not getting a gig. You’re sharing a gig with a bunch of other people. And to deliver it at that cost, they’re giving you devices and equipment in your building that’s not built for enterprise level service.

It’s not about throughput. It is 0% about throughput. I’ll give you an example. Recently in discussions with a big company out in Las Vegas that’s hosted a lot of events for MLG, ESL, and other people in other parts of the world. Their formula they use when they roll out trucks, and they do a big event on site, is that they make sure they have 15 megs of bandwidth per every device. Alright so, and again, you don’t have to do this, but that’s what they do to make sure they have an adequate pipe for their event.

So if you do the math, if they have 100 stations, and they need 15 megs per station, that’s 1.5 gigs they have to have of access to run that event where they make sure that everything doesn’t run with a hitch. Now there’s a lot of other things in the net working and filtering and bandwidth shaping world that you can do, you don’t need that much in a permeate setup. You can really carve it out and do it for a lot less than that. We run our store on 250 megs. I ran our Indianapolis store on 100 megs.

We start a lot of these guys, but we get em’ enterprise access, with symmetrical bandwidth, you know up and down speeds are exactly the same. That’s the other thing you can look at. Oh my gosh I get 500 megs down and 10 megs up.

You’re on some sort of DSL line. It’s not enterprise grade, you’re gonna have problems running your store on that kind of connection. And again I tell this to people all the time, people first impressions of your stores are everything. So if they come in and sit down, and they bring up the frame rate and the ping times in the game on League of Legends or Overwatch or anything else. If they see 70 milliseconds and they get 50 milliseconds at home, they’re gonna think your center is not as good as their house. You have to give them the ability to see 10 or 15 or 20 millisecond ping times.

If you don’t do that, why are they coming to your store instead of playing at home or their dorm rooms, or you know their, wherever else, or your competitor down the road. You know you’ve gotta take into consideration of first impressions, so chances are if you think you’ve found the worlds greatest bandwidth and it’s the cheapest ever, there’s a catch. Just like everything else in the world.

Alright next one I’m gonna do PC’s, but I’m gonna put two Xboxes in, and then see how it goes, and I’ll add more Xboxes later. This is kind of the same thing as making sure you have enough stations to make money. But I can tell you that if you just put a couple Xboxes in nobody’s gonna really use it. Your a PC center, and you got a couple Xboxes for random people that might show up to wanna use em’.

If you really want consoles to do well, you’ve gotta do or minimum per console, and maybe more than that. Because if you wanna have a group of teenagers come in that love to play Fortnite on the Playstation, they may come in as a group of six or eight or nine or ten or whatever. You know, what are they gonna do with two Xboxes or two Playstations in your store. They’re gonna be like ah well okay I’ll try it on PC I’m not really comfortable with a keyboard mouse, and you know, whether or not you think PC’s master race or not, doesn’t matter.

People play on different systems, and you have to have those systems available in bulk, or there’s no, on a Friday night, if you’ve got four people playing your four Xboxes, and a group of three walk in that wanna play Xbox, you can’t serve them on a Friday night. You know, they’re gonna walk out the door and be like man I’m not going back there, it’s a waste of time they only got four Xboxes. So don’t do console’s at all, or if your gonna do consoles, make sure you do or minimum or more.

Alright, next one. This is one of my favorite ones, and it’s a hard one to define, but my buddies and I can do all the work so we really won’t have any pay role. Like I seen this in real world happen with a group that we worked with. I don’t wanna offend anybody so I won’t name any names, but it was a group that we worked with that opened up an Ebash and partnered with us and opened up. And it was two buddies, and their idea was, alright we’re gonna go into business together. One of em’ borrowed money from his family.

So, one of em’ borrowed money from his family to open it, and the two of them were just gonna bootstrap it, and they were gonna work hard together and cover all the shifts, do all the work, and then as the business grew, they would be able to pay themselves, and then they would be able to hire people. That was their plan. If you don’t budget to pay people, you know, there’s gonna be fighting. You’re gonna fight with each other.

Why do I have to work 80 hours this week. I know you wanna go off with your girlfriend, or you wanna go to your family event or whatever. I have to cover all the hours for that. Neither of us are getting paid.

You know, if you’re married, you and I know this too Jmac, If you’re married and you’re trying to you know, take care of your family and all your bills at home with your spouse, they’re not gonna accept, oh your pursuing your passion and you don’t get paid. That’s not fair to your partner. That’s not fair to your family. If you got kids. Like I gotta bring home a pay check. You know like, my buddy and I can’t run this business, and not get paid to run it just so that we can bootstrap this thing and start it up cause we’re passionate about it.

Like, again build your plan, go get your funding. If you don’t have enough money for everybody to get paid to do it, then it’s not something you should be doing. Cause in the end passion does not pay your bills at home. Passion does not put food on the table. Alright.

Next one is, on a big game run, my market, and I know everybody around here. I run land parties and I know all the gamers or whatever, so I don’t really need to do marketing or anything else cause when we open we’re just gonna be packed all the time. So, again this is a real business folks. If you’re gonna do this, and you’re gonna work with us especially, and hire us as consultants, and we’re gonna, we’re not gonna, none of this stuff is acceptable for us, because these are all signs of eminent disaster down the road.

Like I don’t care what you do to open a business. I don’t care what you do grass roots marketing or whatever else. You have to market your business. You have to plan on marketing your business over a long period of time and reaching out to people that are outside of your personal network of people you know. You know, so an example, Dan who works with us was working on opening his store in Champagne Illinois around the University of Illinois. He went and you know got to know the people in the gaming club at University of Illinois that reached out to about 800 gamers in the gaming club.

He was out networking before he was opening his store to make sure that he was out there reaching those people, but he knew that was a small piece of the people he needed to reach to fill his store up and pay his bills. So, when he opened, you know his plan is to have marketing dollars and time and effort spent on marketing his business. No matter how many people are contacts or whatever you have in the community. I feel like that’s a standard business practice, but it seems like, again in the gaming world, everybody thinks well yeah, if I’m gonna open a restaurant I have to market a lot cause there’s a lot of restaurants and competition.

But in my world this is not really, there’s no competition. Everybody’s gonna know about it and talk about it. That’s the reason why you have to market it What in the world, does everybody in your town know what a game center is? Why would I go there? Why would I play there? What is that thing?

I’ve seen this sign, you know. Nobody’s gonna know about it. You almost have to market double to make people understand what it is you do. – Yeah I’m on 15 years of Ebash, people still walk in the door everyday saying what’s this about? – Right. My last one that I’ll hit, and again I’m sure there’s a lot that I forgot, but this is just my list of the last couple weeks of things.

But you know, I will make most of my money from F&B. Food and beverage. Like, I hear that a lot.

Like, but my real, but my idea is to open this thing up, and then we’ll have this big bar and restaurant, and we’ll do all these other things with chicken wings, and all these other things you know. I’ll give you this example. So we recently hired a new guy for GG Circuit, who’s coming to us from a family entertainment center chain. And his point was, he loved gaming. And he’s been working with that chain for almost 10 years, and he’d moved up through that chain to the point where he had the opportunity to be general manager at multiple stores and move around, and he never accepted the general manager position because what that business was, is it’s core, was a restaurant.

That’s what it is at it’s core. So they make a lot of their money from food and beverage. So my statement is always like, if you say to me I will make most of my money in food and beverage, then you need to open a restaurant.

And I can’t help you at that portion. I don’t know crap about running a restaurant, or finding food sources and hiring people, and making sure the staff and all that stuffs well. Like, if you’re gonna make all of your money, then you’re opening a restaurant if you think it’s gonna be food and beverage. And the side of it’s gonna be gaming. Like what we do, is we open gaming centers, and we have food and beverages as a side item.

Like, it does not, it’s 20% of our income, where as this person that came in that’s working for us from this entertainment center chain, 50% of their income or more is food and beverage in that model. Like, they make their money from selling food and drinks, and then all of the entertainment stuff is what to do while you’re there eating and drinking. – Yeah, plus our food and beverage is just side package stuff. We don’t do any food prep, we don’t have a kitchen. We don’t have staff that make food.

It’s just buying it from Sam’s and putting it on the shelf. – Right, and the next level above us would be like the guys at Balance Patch out in Boston, who I visited again when I was there last week. Like, they’re a game center. They have a great food offering. Way better than I do at my stores at Ebash.

Like, you know, they’ve got a penini press, and you know the guy’s at Ignite, they do an awesome job with food and beverage up there. But they are game centers, and they just do a better job of food and beverage than we do. But food and beverage is not their focus. You know, they’re focus is, how do we make the gaming experience awesome for our customers, and then make sure they have really cool things to eat and drink while they’re here. You know, I just, I don’t understand why people come into this, and they’re like, I’m gonna make money from food and beverage, but it’s a game center.

Like, you’re either gonna open one or the other. Where’s your strength? If you’re coming to us, we can really help you make the best chance of success as a game center, aside of food and beverage. If you wanna get deep into food and beverage then you need to be a restaurant person, know a restaurant person, or partner with a restaurant person that knows how to make that model work. Cause in the end that’s a whole different ball game than running a game center.

So, alright so that’s my top 10 from the last week of questions that have been peppered at us. And it’s funny because, you know, just the lifting the skirt a little bit and sharing a little bit more information about what we’re doing, but we’re really trying to fire up our consulting and our Ebash side with a couple people like Winger and Dan, and Mark and Dustin who are gonna handle that side of things where I don’t have to do that much anymore. You know, my focus is on GGCircut, and we’ll talk about that why in a second. But I’m trying to be on these calls, and have these guys listen to how I address these concerns. And I promise you, like it was almost laughable by the third or fourth or fifth call that I was on with these guys like, Winger and Dan were like, these guys were like, these guys are saying the same thing. Like, we get on a call and they start with like, probably three or four of these questions we just covered just now were in that set of questions for all of those people.

You know like they just came in confident, and again I’m not trying to break anybody down, I’m really just trying to put their feet on a better foothold for being successful and start on solid ground. Instead of starting with a lot of assumptions that are proven by our mistakes. We don’t know more than them. We tried to do that stuff and failed. And we can tell you why it didn’t work.

You know that’s a lot of it for us, is just, in the end coming to the conclusion that we don’t know everything. But we know a lot of stuff that’s wrong. And so we just wanna make sure everybody starts with the best chance of success.

Because I don’t want to keep seeing 90, 95% of these things out of business in a year or two. – Yeah. I think the only thing that I can add into all that stuff is, the same kind of people, and I’m just as guilty of it with some subject matters, but they immediately come to us because we just run Esport Software. – Right. – And they say, I’m really interested in starting.

And you know, after a couple of follow up questions or follow up emails or whatever, it’s very clear that they have done no other back ground information other than just found us. We must know something. Let me throw my ideas at them. And so, I guess what I would like to ask you to kind of flip that around, and maybe your not prepared to answer this, but what are – I’m always prepared. – What are the top two or three things that you could say that would be the right way to do it? You know cause I’m – Yeah.

– Focused on the wrong way but what are two or three major things before you come to us that you should have prepared when wanting to utilize us for consulting. – I think that like the main point, and this is I’m sure true, and I’m not a business advisor, but I’ve ran small businesses now for almost 20 years. And I know the ups and downs of running a small business in different industries. So the biggest thing that I see as a failure point for a lot of people is that they’re underfunded, and they put too much on the line personally with this business venture that creates this amount of stress in the future when things aren’t going well. So I always advise people, like I’m excited about the current state of the industry because business people are getting involved that can afford to loose the money they’re putting in. I know that sounds weird to think about because you don’t put money into something with the intention of loosing it.

But if you put money into something, this is not a guaranteed industry, or a guaranteed model for anybody yet. You know, I challenge anybody to say there’s a successful model out there today. You know a couple people are selling franchises, and I would question whether those franchises have any longevity to them at all. They probably make enough to make back the investment up front, so I would call that successful, but there’s very few examples out there of how you can really make money in this, and so be, go into this business prepared to loose everything if you can.

And if you can’t be prepared to loose everything, then you’re really in a slippery slope of should I be doing this. And a lot of that comes down to the face of like, it takes $200,000 plus to open one of these stores. If you can’t personally do that, or have a partner come in with you that can personally do that as a partner, Then you probably shouldn’t be opening a store.

So the first thing is is like, be prepared that right now might not be the right time for you to open. Like I’ve really tried to get people to no, more than I’m trying to get them to yes. Like I’m not trying to sell anybody anything. I’m trying to make sure people are successful. So I’m more trying to unsell them on the idea. I mean, I think of the 10 or 15 calls we’ve had in the last week I’ve, 13 of them should not open in the next year at least.

And I’ve told em’ that. So, that would be the biggest thing is number one make sure you can get into this thing and be prepared to loose everything. If you want three things, I’d say number two is probably again don’t go into this as a passion project. Go into this as a business idea.

Go into this with the intention to make money. It’s okay to make money. You know, we’re not a service business. We’re not a non-profit.

Like we’re doing this thing because we see that there is a future in Esports and in gaming. Go into this to make money. So be prepared to loose everything. Go into this to try to make money, don’t go into it as a passion project, and then the third thing. You said this earlier, research the poop out of this thing. Like, become an expert in it before you even you know, think about signing a lease or putting the money down on a place or whatever your gonna do.

Like, and I tell this to people all the time, our You Tube videos, I know they’re not that well done. We do a pretty good job, you know, it’s just me talking a lot of times, but you know everything that everybody respects about me is the fact that I just have examples from what has worked and not worked over 14 years. And I try to share all that as openly as possible in all of these videos. So, you know, I don’t know how to download em’ and put em’ on your phone and listen to em’ on a flight if you’re you know, flying somewhere. I don’t know how to do any of that stuff, but figure out how to listen to all of our videos, and soak up all that information.

And it’s a lot of stuff we covered today that’ll help them. But then also, I mean we’re not the only source. There’s a lot of other sources for information out there on gaming in general on Esports events that work.

On different fundraisers and ideas that may or may not work such as camp programs and educational opportunities, and just become an expert in it. Because if you’re not gonna become an expert in it, unless you’re just investing, which we have some partners that have called us that we’re working on building a store, and we’ll help them operate it because they’re just real estate folks, and they just wanna invest in it. But if most people are calling us, they wanna run this thing.

They wanna be in this business. Then you have to be an expert. You have to be an expert at it. You can’t hire us, and help us, and count on us continuing to help you run your business forever.

You know like we’re just trying to get you started. And then it’s up to you to take the keys and run with it.

Games In Virtual Reality

Today like you can see I’m in a video game This is like virtual reality but instead i’m like inside of it Wow! So this special computer I bought yesterday manage to put me inside of games!! For example, right now I’m in Friday the 13th Ah! Oh God. Jason is there Oh God Jason Run Oh my God Ooooooh I almost died there! what a weirdo Right now I’m a taxi driver i love being a taxi driver for multiple reasons first of all, if you don’t give me the tip that i would like to deserve I will kill you daddy daddy daddy I’m scared I’m scared daddy ooooh, my god that’s a big drop that’s for sure EXPLOSION yea oh, my yeah where am I? where am i going guys I’m going to beat my high score today in jelly inc mmmm, jelly inc is the best game not because I’m inside of it totally not because I’m inside of it just because it is awesome ok make sure you download it that was probably really creepy

I’m sorry what the hell is going on with this hair I want to cut it off but I don’t have any hands i can’t feel my real hands anymore cause I’m, I’m inside a video game what do i do now? let’s go to a hair dresser ah, thanks that looks a lot better thank you acutely I don’t see a difference hairdresser lady I’m not satisfied with my purchase can i have a refund no can I not have a refund? there’s still this stupid hair hanging here! what uhh what the hell what the hell nahh oh my god i got to get out of here what was that sound I just made the weirdest sound ever but keep on running stop being distracrated oh my god oh my god what the hell oh my god were driving of a cliff [screaming] what the hell am i alive in real life i would be dead 3 times already i don’t like my son i just peed my pants and pooped them sorry sorry sorry dad i guess you have to clean that up don’t worry about it son i got this real men don’t look at explotions yea boom crazy stuff walking away like a real man point point point i’m in jelly inc oh my godness dodge every thing there we go made another level just like that keep on going keep on going that’s right getting those coins alright

Ow! just got shot oh , aew I said ow stop shooting! just because I’m in a video game doesn’t mean I can’t feel things. What is wrong with you! OW! OW, SHIT! oh my god. Give me 10 $ tips guys. Otherwise you shall not survive. Mwahahahahaha! Thank you guys soo much for watching this video, if you enjoyed it leave a like on it if you want to see more videos where i’m in a video game please let me know that was a really bad cough also this is what i’m really wearing i’m not really inside a video game it’s all a lie I’m wearing my own green screen suit, look i still got hands. Ok, sorry. I mean look at this thing, I had to like cut it and all the future is here guys green screen stuff is epic.

Nostalgic Video Games

Welcome to the world of Far Cry Exodus. Fight for survival in a very creative post-apocalyptic setting. Scavenge for supplies and craft weapons to take on dangerous mutants who emerged from the Earth’s core on Judgement Day. You see, after the nukes dropped, things changed and now, an oppressive regime, controls the city. It’s up to you to lead the resistance, in its fight for freedom, in the new game Fallout: New Dawn. Capture enemy camps in a sandbox, open-world shooter where you decide which guy to shoot first. Will it be this guy? Or this guy? Your options are virtually limitless in Crackdown 3: Instincts. And… as a new feature, spend more than 30% of the game driving, even though the developers don’t know how to program vehicles. This way, the game can be 30 hours longer. Walk on walls like in the game Prey. Remember Prey? Remember Prey? Remember that game, uh, The Darkness?

When you had those shadow things? And there was that one… uh… where you- What was that? For the first time in videogames, climb a tower, in order to scout out the area and find hidden caches of treasure, which can be used to upgrade your abilities and add new weapons to your arsenal. Engage in an uninspired story that nobody in the entire world cares about. Utilize a dated cover system as you fight against artificial intelligence that has not improved since the original Halo. You see, after the Earth was destroyed in the Bungalow Wars, things changed. Humans were forced to retreat to a new homeworld called Eden 2. It’s here that you will witness EA strangle the life out of a once promising studio and probably shut it down, after nobody buys their mediocre Destiny clone. But, at the last second, an executive will come up with the brilliant decision to transform their failing co-op shooter into a massively successful Free-to-play Battle Royale.

Welcome to the world of Anthem Legends. Fight for survival in a gigantic map where you will never encounter another player. Scavenge for weapons and armor for 30 minutes until you are killed by a black pixel 7,000 yards away. Then, watch your friends shoot at him for 10 minutes before dying to a blue circle. Stop time like in Quantum Break. Remember that? Remember Alan Wake? Remember Medal of Honor: Warfighter? Remember Dead Island? Remember ZombiU? Remember Shadowrun? Remember Battleborn? Remember Evolve? Remember Gun? Remember Black? Remember Haze? Remember TimeShift? Remember Turok-? Remember Soldier of Fortune- ? – Remember Resistance: Fall of Man? – Remember Brute Force? Remember Lost Planet? Remember Army of Two? Remember Dead to Rights? Remember Red Steel? Remember Brink? Remember Freedom Fighters? Remember Kane & Lynch? Remember Maf-?


How Genesis Games Looked

]It’s an SNK tag-battle fighting game for the Neo Geo, as well as arcades, although it’s actually impossible to know if it was even commercially released. • Supposedly it was released in Germany and Austria right before it was recalled, but since this all happened before the internet was cool so there’s no documentation proving either way, although I’m willing to bet that SNK knows. 6 – Red Sea Crossing, • Funnily enough, the 100 cartridges made of this game were all thought to be lost to time before 2007 when someone found it at a garage sale and then went around and resold it for nearly 14 thousand dollerydoos. • However someone else found one in a place called ‘Medium Bob’s Curiosity Shop ‘ in Philadelphia and then turned it around for around 10k, still though, that’s one valuable piece of silicon and plastic. • This one feels actually valuable to me as you can’t even emulate it even if you wanted to, so if you want to play with top online casino bonus it you’re going to have to spend a lot of moolah, but really it’s an Atari game, it’s not worth it if you don’t have nostalgia towards it at this point. 5 – 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge, • Everyone knows about the gold 1990 world championship cartridge, but this game is actually incredibly close to its value, with its most expensive sale going for twenty-thousand, one-hundred dollars. • Instead of the world championship where it was mostly kids that played, this one was focused at university students where you tried to get a high score in Mario 3, PinBot and Dr. Mario within 6 minutes.

• The cartridges were meant to be destroyed after the competition was over, but an ex-Nintendo employee sold one at a garage sale, I mean he worked for Nintendo, he has no excuse for not realising free video game money when he sees it. 4 – Air Raid, • This game with its box is worth up to 33,400 US dollars, but without it it’s actually reasonably common and only worth around 3 thousand. • The cartridge has a T shaped handle is light blue, which I guess makes it harder to counterfeit, but I’m sure someone out there has at least tried. • The gameplay involves shooting down flying saucers and aeroplanes from an aircraft of their own, although you’re going to have to take my and the box art’s word for that because the graphics don’t exactly speak for themselves. 3 – 1990 Nintendo World Championships – Gold Edition, • Here we are, the most famous of the rare cartridges, which is probably why it’s more valuable and sought after than say the probably one-of-a-kind campus edition since there’s 26 of these in the wild. • Despite what you might have read in the news last year, it never actually sold for 100k and its record remains to be 21,000 US dollars, which is still impressive nonetheless. • The gold cartridge is actually mostly unrelated to the world championships since it was actually a Nintendo Power contest prize, with 1 grand prize winner and 25 runner ups getting the cartridges, although only a few have been found. 2 – Birthday Mania, •

As far as we know there’s only one of these in the wild, it was marketed as a birthday gift, where you’d mail in for it with a personalised title screen and a space on the front where names could be written. • This game hasn’t been sold on the internet ever, so its prices are only guesses, but educated ones at that, since there’s only one confirmed in existence and each one is personalised it’s valued at around $35,000. • The gameplay involves blowing out birthday candles, which is what I think was its major downfall, what kid wants to blow out candles on any day other than his birthday? Put in some aliens to kill or something. 1 – Gamma-Attack • A one of a kind game that has a value of $50,000, it’s the only game made by the company Gammation and the current owner has claimed to have had offers for much more than $10,000 but more than that we don’t really know. • However since then Gammation has rereleased the game on ebay and the ROM has been leaked on the internet, to be frank it’s not very fun, it’s just another shooty game with epileptic fit inducing graphics and limited motion. • But it’s still considered by many to be the rarest and most valuable game in the world and I’d be remiss not to put it at the top, even if it’s not very famous.


GTA 5 Casino Gambling DLC Update for GTA Online!

I’m bringing you guys a new information about the casino dlc that could be coming in the coming months in GTA, 5 and GTA Online. So this information is coming straight from funmw2 and he said: “Gambling functions like casino lottery and car betting is Rockstar’s next project for GTAOnline And we will be recieving that some point in the coming months by the looks .” – And he is saying this because of This that’s what he found in the source code of GTA 5 Online. It says Casino Game Info Decorator. I guess Gambling update might be coming.

This was added with the 1.21 patch and it changes the script in the game So looks like We are going to get anoher mega update by Rockstar. Of course, the casino or gambling DLC update, gon na be huge, we’ll be able to play poker. We will able to bet pink slip, racing we’re gon na be able to put our cars on the line, which is definitely gon na freaking sick, and this is just another leak about the casino gambling dlc. We are actually getting casino, dlc leaks from a very long time and by the fact we recently got more files and code added in to the game. With the recent patch. It seems like we will be getting another huge update in the coming months.

Becuase, if rockstar is taking time to put files in to the game about a dlc from like almost the begining of when gta online was first released. It’S very likely. It’S gon na be a fancy product at the end and, if Rockstar add another heists mission with it, that would be a perfect scenario like how cool it will be doing a casino heist. So definitely let me know what do you think about this?

Do you want something like this in gta online? Let me know your responses down in the comments section down below, because I cannot wait for what Rockstar have in store for us.

Bonus and Wagering Requirements Calculator for Online Casinos

Have you ever got frustrated with welcome bonus terms and conditions? You know, those bonuses that offer you a ton of free cash, but you just can’t figure out what they mean? It’s often the case that you want that bonus, you want to deposit you feel like there’s some kind of trick involved, and you’ll either not get your bonus, or even worse, can’t cash out your winnings! Of course, the casino always has the terms and conditions as back up in any disagreement over winnings, and this is why it’s just so important that you should understand them. Let’s take a look at a typical example that seems to tie you up in knots….. SlotoCash casino ( ): “The first deposit promotions are available only for your first 5 deposits at the casino.

Each bonus must be claimed with its respective deposit… . Failure to do so may result in bonus(es) voided and any winnings thereof. Player must deposit a minimum of $20 or higher to qualify for these promotions. The coupon code must be redeemed before a deposit is made or immediately after the deposit is completed, prior to any wager. In order to withdraw your winnings from these bonuses you must fulfill the following wagering requirements: Players must wager the deposit and bonus thirty (30) times for the 200% bonus and twenty-five (25) times for the 100% or 177% bonuses respectively prior to any cash-outs. Only bets placed on Slots, Real-Series Video Slots (excluding progressive slots) and Scratch Cards count towards the wagering requirements of the bonus.

While the welcome bonuses are active, the MAXIMUM bet allowed is $6.50 per SPIN. Wagering on any other game or betting over $6.50 per spin will void all winnings on these promotions.” etc. etc.

So you may have understood some of that right? But you are not alone in not getting the whole picture, it’s one of the main problems for casino games players…wanting the bonus, taking the bonus, then getting in a mess when it comes to making a cash out! You are presented with a myriad of welcome bonuses, and of course each casino claims to offer the best, however, how do you really work out which one is the best for you? have the solution, and gone is the time wasted thinking about whether a welcome bonus is the one for you, so without further ado….presenting The Bonus and Wagering Requirements Calculator!

We have developed this fantastic tool that guides you to the best possible bonus available for both the game you wish to play and the amount of wagering requirements and playthrough you are prepared for. Simply enter the details, and viola, you are presented with bonuses that match your criteria. This means that you don’t have to spend time going through terms and conditions and you don’t have to download a casino, only for the bonus to be not what you are looking for, as our clever little tool does all of the hard work and indeed takes the stress out of choosing a casino welcome bonus. It works out the biggest bonus for your game of choice, finds the minimum requirements that you need to make to be able to cashout, and filters out what you don’t need to know about. It’s fast, it’s informative, and it sure is helpful!

Best No Deposit Casino Welcome Bonuses – Top 5 No Deposit Casinos

Everyone wants to get the most out of their casinos, regardless of what kind of bankroll you’re working with. To help you get a bargain before you even lay down your first deposit, we’ve scoured through the entire mobile casino world. Here are the top 5 casinos which are offering the best online casino no deposit welcome bonus in the business. As always, you can find links to the casinos mentioned and our Mobile Slots 4U reviews of each of them in the description below. Pocketwin – £5 keep what you win PocketWin is a mobile exclusive casino which understands what mobile players need.

casino welcome bonuses

Mobile casino players don’t want big no deposit bonus offers, marred with wagering requirements, or free spins which aren’t as free as they first appear. Mobile gamers want a small bonus, which gives them a chance to try out the casino and actually get rewarded for their time. That’s why PocketWin is offering players £5 absolutely free when they sign up.

The online casino no deposit welcome bonus comes with their keep what you win guarantee. Whatever you manage to win on your £5 welcome, you get to keep and withdraw, no questions asked. Mr Spin – 50 free spins Mr Spin offers players yet another keep what you win bonus at sign up. Here the offer is for 50 free spins. Each of these spins is worth 10p, so in effect, you’re getting £5 here too.

But this doesn’t matter too much when you’re getting free real money spins, which you can start winning real cash on from the get go. Mr Spin is a relatively new casino and since it operates an exclusive game library, its offerings are currently relatively slim. However their games do make a change from seeing the same slots that do the rounds elsewhere. And with a new slot coming out every single month, there’s an ever expanding number of options to try out those free spins on. mFortune – £5 keep what you win mFortune was the pioneer of the keep what you win bonus, and it hasn’t failed to pull in the crowds yet.

Fortune is another casino which hosts its own exclusive slot games. Because of its age, players will find an exceptional range of slot games to play with their free bonus money on. On top of that, Fortune also have an exclusive blackjack, roulette and poker game.

And also an independant bingo suite complete with its own online casino no deposit welcome bonuses and games. If you want to play the best the casino has to offer on your mobile or desktop, completely free, then sign up with mFortune today. Mr Green – 20 free spins on the latest NetEnt slot Mr Green is a huge fan of NetEnt, and wants every player to enjoy their incredible slot games from the moment they step onto the virtual casino floor.

That’s why when players sign up at Mr Green Casino, they get 20 free spins on the latest NetEnt slot. Depending on when you sign up, you can get genuinely free spins on the newest NetEnt slot, so make sure to check what their freshest release before you sign up. At present players can enjoy Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist, which is a classic bonus packed NetEnt affair.

So head over there now and try out this stellar slot offering, with real money bets, completely for free. 888 Casino – Get a free spin on wheel and win up to £888 888 Casino gives every player a bonus on sign up, but leaves how much each player will be gifted up to fate. Every player gets one spin on the 888 casino bonus wheel when they sign up. The wheel can gift players different bonus cash amounts, including £15, £20, £50, £88, or even a staggering £888.

This bonus cash welcome promotion does come with 40x wagering requirement, which, given the cash on offer, is fairly reasonable. Especially when compared with what the competition have to offer. Players can head over to 888 Casino right now, to sign up and take their chances spinning that bonus wheel. As always, all these online casino no deposit welcome bonus are live right now and can be taken advantage of by clicking the links below in the description.

As with all our top 5 videos and deposit guides, we hope you found them useful and look forward to seeing you on out next video. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and all that good stuff. Thanks for reading!

Business plan of an online poker player

How much money do you expect to make next month? How many days do you have to play to hit your profit target? When are you moving up to higher stakes? Planning in poker is simple. It will also make you a better, more disciplined player and will certainly help your poker bankroll.

Here’s how I am planning to rebuild my bankroll this year, starting all the way down from micro stakes. Assuming I’ve done my homework and can beat my stakes, I first need to lay down a plan for my bankroll. Hence comes the bankroll management. Starting off from $25 No Limit, my poker bankroll must be around $1,000. That is 40 buy-ins.

They will buy me enough time at poker tables, before I determine whether I can beat those stakes. If my bankroll is doubled, I will move up to $50 No Limit. If it’s halved, I will be moving down or even quit playing and return to studying and improving my game. That is a pretty basic planning regarding bankroll management. How often should I play online poker, in order to move up next month? That’s where the winrate kicks in.

online poker

I am not the best poker player in the world, so I can’t realistically expect a 20bb/100 winrate. Overestimating my poker skills would hurt my confidence in a very short time, should my performance is nowhere near my expectations. Thus, I’ll go for a 5bb/100 winrate. How many hands am I able to play per hour?

Having played more than a million hands by now during my poker career, I already know I can multitable up to 12 full-ring tables or 8 6-max tables effectively. Anything more and my winrate will suffer. That equals to about 700 hands per hour.

I will round it to 2,000 hands per 3 hours of actual play, given I’ll be doing some basic table selection. Combined with my expected winrate, I am now looking at one buy-in profit per 3 hours of play. Moving up to the next level (50NL) requires 40 3-hour poker sessions, according to my bankroll management.

See how everything bodes up together? I will be playing 5 days a week, so it will take me 8 weeks to move up. Nowadays every popular poker room offers some kind of rakeback, like PokerStars VIP program. The more I play, the more rakeback I win. However, my plan is not to become a Supernova in a month, playing endless hours and burn out! Going up the VIP ladder will come naturally as I focus on my winrate’s target.

I am not looking to become a break-even player, living off the rakeback at these easily beatable stakes! Rakeback will improve my winrate significantly. I’m expecting rakeback to make me 2bb/100 in the long run, given I’ll be converting loyalty points to money at the most preferable ratio. And that means, holding on my points till I can redeem them for the maximum amount of money.

Therefore, my expected winrate has now increased due to rakeback to 7bb/100! In effect, rakeback just shortened the time before I will be moving up. I now need 27 working days, about 5.5 weeks. From time to time, poker rooms offer additional initiatives to keep you playing. These out-of-the-blue bonuses can add up to my long-term winrate as well. There’s a Greek saying about planning: “When people are making plans, God is laughing”.

That’s variance in poker! Having a slow start is the same as running hot. The first couple of thousand hands won’t tell me my actual winrate. The first hint should be at around 30,000 hands.

By that time, variance will have balanced a bit. To illustrate my point, here’s my Expected Value (EV) graph from my first 9,000 hands. I had 5 losing days in a row, while my EV winrate is 9bb/100! That’s 17bb/100 off my actual winrate!

On the other hand, I will be paying attention only on the EV bb/100 winrate. That dictates how I am doing. By the looks of it and considering rakeback’s contribution, my expected winrate is 11bb/100 at this time. So, plan B: what if I can manage a 10bb/100 after 40,000 hands?

At this rate, I will make 40 buy-ins in just 20 days, playing for 3 hours each! By March, I will have advanced to $100 No Limit tables, where more skillful players will eat up a portion of my winrate. Still, planning not to move up from that level, my expected poker income at 5bb/100 winrate is about $100/day for 3 hours of play.

And that’s without rakeback! My plan for April? Keeping a 40 buy-in bankroll and withdrawing all monthly winnings by the end of the each month.

Now, it’s your turn. What’s your poker plan for 2015? Are you moving up stakes, adding more tables to your multitabling schedule or improving your winrate? Let me know in the comments below.

How to Make a Free Odds Bet in Craps | Gambling Tips

Hi guys. I just wanted to go over Free Odds bet in craps. One of the great parts about craps is that is has this one bet, where is no house advantage whatsoever.

If you’ve got a pass line bet of $10, depending on the casino, you can go put $20 as free odd against whatever number you’re rolling. Say we’re out on a point here, we’re on a point of 4, and you have a pass line bet of $10, you’re allowed to take free odds of $20. What it is, is you put money behind the line here, and why you’re gonna want to do that, is because, there is absolutely no house advantage to that bet whatsoever. As mentioned in earlier videos, the pass line, when the 4 comes up, you get paid even money. But what if I told you, that if the 4 were to come out, this gets paid 1 to 1?

What if I told you I could pay you 2 to 1 back there, and you could put more money on there? That is the free odds bet in craps. And how it works is, depending on the casino, sometimes you can do just twice your original bet, sometimes up to 5 times you original bet. It really depends on where you’re playing.

But the pass line will get paid even money, but what happens in the back here, gets paid what are known as ‘true odds.’ And true odds is, basically the whole foundation for like, all the math and numbers in craps. So, there are 36 combinations of the dice. There are 6 ways that a 7 could come out. And you could pair that to the 5 ways that a 6 and an 8 can come out, because for a 6 you have 1-5, 2-4, 3-3, 4-2, alright? And the 5 and the 9 can come up 4 different ways.

4 and the 10 can come up 3 different ways. So, what happens here is that you put your free odds here and that gets paid its true odds, where, 4 can come out 3 ways, a 6 can come out 6 ways, so, 3 ways you can win, 6 ways you can loss. That’s 2 to 1. So, you would get paid 2 to 1 there on the bet. And then this would get paid even money as well.

So, the way that odds bet works, if you’re out on a 6 and 8 – You have a $10 flat bet, and then you have a $20 odds bet. Then the 6 comes up, you get paid even money, it gets paid 6 to 5. So 20 would pay 24. If we’re out on a 5 or a 9, you know, the odds for both are the exact same. And you have $20 bet, then a 5, if we’re out a 5, 5 comes up, this gets paid even money, this gets paid 3 to 2, because there are 4 ways that you can with, with a 5 or 9, 6 ways you can lose with 7.

And then as I mentioned already, with a 4 or 10, with a free odds bet. It would be 1 to 1, and then 2 to 1. It’s always a good idea to play the odds, because when you play the odds, the houses advantage overall, since you have more money out, actually decreases, the more you can put up, the better it is for you. Some casinos, they allow you to go 2 times your bet. Some got 5 times, There’s some places, especially in Las Vegas, where you can go 10 times your original bet, up to 100 times your original bet.

If you can afford it, do it, because the math is actually in your favor that way. And that is the free odds bet in craps.

Basic Rules of Craps | Gambling Tips

Hey guys, I just want to go over basic rules for craps. You can see I have a miniaturized table here. And the casino table is a little bit bigger than this, but the same basic rules apply.

crapsCheck with your table in the casino. Normally the table minimums will be about $5 or $10. I’m just going to use a couple of chips here. The game starts with a player placing a bet on the pass line, and then the dice go around the table in clockwise fashion from player to player. They all represent the shooter.

For this I’ll be the shooter here. You pick two dice. You’ll be given five, and you get to pick any two you like. You take two; these come up against the wall, and we’ve got two stages of play here. First up when this puck is in the off position, that means we’re on the come out roll. That means you’re rolling the dice up against the wall, and you’re looking for a seven or eleven.

If a seven comes up you win even money, just like that. If an eleven comes up the same thing. If a two, three, or twelve come up then they take your money, and then you have to start again. So, any other number that comes up typically, like an eleven came up there, so you would get paid.

Any other point that would come up, in this case five, that becomes your point. Now I take this puck and I put this in an on position, so now this is the second part of the game on the pass line. Now the object of the game is to get another five before you roll a seven to win. And it doesn’t matter; you could roll any other numbers in the meantime and it doesn’t matter.

You could roll, see I rolled a nine, and I just have money on the five, so it doesn’t matter, I just keep rolling. I keep rolling, and roll another nine, and that keeps going on until I roll either another five, or if I roll a seven. In this case, I rolled the five, which is good news, the crowd goes wild. He gets paid and takes his winnings, puts it up on the rack up there.

This puck goes in the off position. When we’re in the off position again, then we’re going to come out and you roll a seven or eleven again to win another bet. And that is the basic rules of craps.

Slot Machines In Italy

Have you ever played a slot machines? In Italy we have 400,000 slot machines into which we feed around 40 billion euros every year. Slot machines are everywhere: in cafés, in tobacconists, in arcades and even online so that we can easily play while walking down the street. There are slot machines for all tastes! Sara is addicted to TV series after “Scrubs” and “Breaking Bad”, her current favorite is “Game of Thrones”.

slot machinesAnd of course there is a slot machine inspired by it. Paolo goes to deserted places populated by wild animals every time he has a chance. That’s why a slot machine about the savannah could intrigue him. Diego is calm and gentle but anytime he’s tired or hungry, he becomes quick-tempered and belligerent. He might like the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot machine. According to article 110 of the “Unified Code of Public Security”, paragraphs A and B a slot machine player loses 15 cents or 26 cents for every euro played depending on the type of slot machine.

Therefore, the more we play, the more we lose. It’s mathematical, but it’s the law too! Why do so many people play if it is a bad deal? There are some features, created deliberately to keep us stuck to the slot machines.

Let’s see how they work. If a player loses too many times in a row, that player leaves the game. That’s why we must win often, while still losing in the long run. The solution is to let us win frequent small prizes. Psychologists call it “intermittent positive reinforcement” it has the effect to increase players’ will to play.

When we lose, we often get the feeling of having nearly won. This feeling provokes a cognitive frustration which makes us want to place the next bet. With the latest slot machines, there can be as little as 2 seconds between a bet and the following one. The pace is too frenetic to allow our self-control to activate. That makes it easy to lose track of what’s happening. Large bets are allowed the latest slot machines accept 500 euro bills.

In this slot I can bet 50 euros at a time, losing 500 euros could take no time at all. When we spend a lot of time in front of a slot machine we establish a personal relationship with it. That’s called anthropomorphism. It’s the tendency to ascribe human characteristics to inanimate beings. It’s exactly what we do when we speak to our car or to a plant. It’s proven that those who anthropomorphize slot machines play longer, and thus lose more money.

All this has one effect: to keep us stuck in front of the slot machines, the longer we stay the more we lose and when we have lost a lot of money it’s really hard to stop playing.