How to Make a Free Odds Bet in Craps | Gambling Tips

Hi guys. I just wanted to go over Free Odds bet in craps. One of the great parts about craps is that is has this one bet, where is no house advantage whatsoever.

If you’ve got a pass line bet of $10, depending on the casino, you can go put $20 as free odd against whatever number you’re rolling. Say we’re out on a point here, we’re on a point of 4, and you have a pass line bet of $10, you’re allowed to take free odds of $20. What it is, is you put money behind the line here, and why you’re gonna want to do that, is because, there is absolutely no house advantage to that bet whatsoever. As mentioned in earlier videos, the pass line, when the 4 comes up, you get paid even money. But what if I told you, that if the 4 were to come out, this gets paid 1 to 1?

What if I told you I could pay you 2 to 1 back there, and you could put more money on there? That is the free odds bet in craps. And how it works is, depending on the casino, sometimes you can do just twice your original bet, sometimes up to 5 times you original bet. It really depends on where you’re playing.

But the pass line will get paid even money, but what happens in the back here, gets paid what are known as ‘true odds.’ And true odds is, basically the whole foundation for like, all the math and numbers in craps. So, there are 36 combinations of the dice. There are 6 ways that a 7 could come out. And you could pair that to the 5 ways that a 6 and an 8 can come out, because for a 6 you have 1-5, 2-4, 3-3, 4-2, alright? And the 5 and the 9 can come up 4 different ways.

4 and the 10 can come up 3 different ways. So, what happens here is that you put your free odds here and that gets paid its true odds, where, 4 can come out 3 ways, a 6 can come out 6 ways, so, 3 ways you can win, 6 ways you can loss. That’s 2 to 1. So, you would get paid 2 to 1 there on the bet. And then this would get paid even money as well.

So, the way that odds bet works, if you’re out on a 6 and 8 – You have a $10 flat bet, and then you have a $20 odds bet. Then the 6 comes up, you get paid even money, it gets paid 6 to 5. So 20 would pay 24. If we’re out on a 5 or a 9, you know, the odds for both are the exact same. And you have $20 bet, then a 5, if we’re out a 5, 5 comes up, this gets paid even money, this gets paid 3 to 2, because there are 4 ways that you can with, with a 5 or 9, 6 ways you can lose with 7.

And then as I mentioned already, with a 4 or 10, with a free odds bet. It would be 1 to 1, and then 2 to 1. It’s always a good idea to play the odds, because when you play the odds, the houses advantage overall, since you have more money out, actually decreases, the more you can put up, the better it is for you. Some casinos, they allow you to go 2 times your bet. Some got 5 times, There’s some places, especially in Las Vegas, where you can go 10 times your original bet, up to 100 times your original bet.

If you can afford it, do it, because the math is actually in your favor that way. And that is the free odds bet in craps.

Basic Rules of Craps | Gambling Tips

Hey guys, I just want to go over basic rules for craps. You can see I have a miniaturized table here. And the casino table is a little bit bigger than this, but the same basic rules apply.

crapsCheck with your table in the casino. Normally the table minimums will be about $5 or $10. I’m just going to use a couple of chips here. The game starts with a player placing a bet on the pass line, and then the dice go around the table in clockwise fashion from player to player. They all represent the shooter.

For this I’ll be the shooter here. You pick two dice. You’ll be given five, and you get to pick any two you like. You take two; these come up against the wall, and we’ve got two stages of play here. First up when this puck is in the off position, that means we’re on the come out roll. That means you’re rolling the dice up against the wall, and you’re looking for a seven or eleven.

If a seven comes up you win even money, just like that. If an eleven comes up the same thing. If a two, three, or twelve come up then they take your money, and then you have to start again. So, any other number that comes up typically, like an eleven came up there, so you would get paid.

Any other point that would come up, in this case five, that becomes your point. Now I take this puck and I put this in an on position, so now this is the second part of the game on the pass line. Now the object of the game is to get another five before you roll a seven to win. And it doesn’t matter; you could roll any other numbers in the meantime and it doesn’t matter.

You could roll, see I rolled a nine, and I just have money on the five, so it doesn’t matter, I just keep rolling. I keep rolling, and roll another nine, and that keeps going on until I roll either another five, or if I roll a seven. In this case, I rolled the five, which is good news, the crowd goes wild. He gets paid and takes his winnings, puts it up on the rack up there.

This puck goes in the off position. When we’re in the off position again, then we’re going to come out and you roll a seven or eleven again to win another bet. And that is the basic rules of craps.