Games In Virtual Reality

Today like you can see I’m in a video game This is like virtual reality but instead i’m like inside of it Wow! So this special computer I bought yesterday manage to put me inside of games!! For example, right now I’m in Friday the 13th Ah! Oh God. Jason is there Oh God Jason Run Oh my God Ooooooh I almost died there! what a weirdo Right now I’m a taxi driver i love being a taxi driver for multiple reasons first of all, if you don’t give me the tip that i would like to deserve I will kill you daddy daddy daddy I’m scared I’m scared daddy ooooh, my god that’s a big drop that’s for sure EXPLOSION yea oh, my yeah where am I? where am i going guys I’m going to beat my high score today in jelly inc mmmm, jelly inc is the best game not because I’m inside of it totally not because I’m inside of it just because it is awesome ok make sure you download it that was probably really creepy

I’m sorry what the hell is going on with this hair I want to cut it off but I don’t have any hands i can’t feel my real hands anymore cause I’m, I’m inside a video game what do i do now? let’s go to a hair dresser ah, thanks that looks a lot better thank you acutely I don’t see a difference hairdresser lady I’m not satisfied with my purchase can i have a refund no can I not have a refund? there’s still this stupid hair hanging here! what uhh what the hell what the hell nahh oh my god i got to get out of here what was that sound I just made the weirdest sound ever but keep on running stop being distracrated oh my god oh my god what the hell oh my god were driving of a cliff [screaming] what the hell am i alive in real life i would be dead 3 times already i don’t like my son i just peed my pants and pooped them sorry sorry sorry dad i guess you have to clean that up don’t worry about it son i got this real men don’t look at explotions yea boom crazy stuff walking away like a real man point point point i’m in jelly inc oh my godness dodge every thing there we go made another level just like that keep on going keep on going that’s right getting those coins alright

Ow! just got shot oh , aew I said ow stop shooting! just because I’m in a video game doesn’t mean I can’t feel things. What is wrong with you! OW! OW, SHIT! oh my god. Give me 10 $ tips guys. Otherwise you shall not survive. Mwahahahahaha! Thank you guys soo much for watching this video, if you enjoyed it leave a like on it if you want to see more videos where i’m in a video game please let me know that was a really bad cough also this is what i’m really wearing i’m not really inside a video game it’s all a lie I’m wearing my own green screen suit, look i still got hands. Ok, sorry. I mean look at this thing, I had to like cut it and all the future is here guys green screen stuff is epic.