How Genesis Games Looked

]It’s an SNK tag-battle fighting game for the Neo Geo, as well as arcades, although it’s actually impossible to know if it was even commercially released. • Supposedly it was released in Germany and Austria right before it was recalled, but since this all happened before the internet was cool so there’s no documentation proving either way, although I’m willing to bet that SNK knows. 6 – Red Sea Crossing, • Funnily enough, the 100 cartridges made of this game were all thought to be lost to time before 2007 when someone found it at a garage sale and then went around and resold it for nearly 14 thousand dollerydoos. • However someone else found one in a place called ‘Medium Bob’s Curiosity Shop ‘ in Philadelphia and then turned it around for around 10k, still though, that’s one valuable piece of silicon and plastic. • This one feels actually valuable to me as you can’t even emulate it even if you wanted to, so if you want to play with top online casino bonus it you’re going to have to spend a lot of moolah, but really it’s an Atari game, it’s not worth it if you don’t have nostalgia towards it at this point. 5 – 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge, • Everyone knows about the gold 1990 world championship cartridge, but this game is actually incredibly close to its value, with its most expensive sale going for twenty-thousand, one-hundred dollars. • Instead of the world championship where it was mostly kids that played, this one was focused at university students where you tried to get a high score in Mario 3, PinBot and Dr. Mario within 6 minutes.

• The cartridges were meant to be destroyed after the competition was over, but an ex-Nintendo employee sold one at a garage sale, I mean he worked for Nintendo, he has no excuse for not realising free video game money when he sees it. 4 – Air Raid, • This game with its box is worth up to 33,400 US dollars, but without it it’s actually reasonably common and only worth around 3 thousand. • The cartridge has a T shaped handle is light blue, which I guess makes it harder to counterfeit, but I’m sure someone out there has at least tried. • The gameplay involves shooting down flying saucers and aeroplanes from an aircraft of their own, although you’re going to have to take my and the box art’s word for that because the graphics don’t exactly speak for themselves. 3 – 1990 Nintendo World Championships – Gold Edition, • Here we are, the most famous of the rare cartridges, which is probably why it’s more valuable and sought after than say the probably one-of-a-kind campus edition since there’s 26 of these in the wild. • Despite what you might have read in the news last year, it never actually sold for 100k and its record remains to be 21,000 US dollars, which is still impressive nonetheless. • The gold cartridge is actually mostly unrelated to the world championships since it was actually a Nintendo Power contest prize, with 1 grand prize winner and 25 runner ups getting the cartridges, although only a few have been found. 2 – Birthday Mania, •

As far as we know there’s only one of these in the wild, it was marketed as a birthday gift, where you’d mail in for it with a personalised title screen and a space on the front where names could be written. • This game hasn’t been sold on the internet ever, so its prices are only guesses, but educated ones at that, since there’s only one confirmed in existence and each one is personalised it’s valued at around $35,000. • The gameplay involves blowing out birthday candles, which is what I think was its major downfall, what kid wants to blow out candles on any day other than his birthday? Put in some aliens to kill or something. 1 – Gamma-Attack • A one of a kind game that has a value of $50,000, it’s the only game made by the company Gammation and the current owner has claimed to have had offers for much more than $10,000 but more than that we don’t really know. • However since then Gammation has rereleased the game on ebay and the ROM has been leaked on the internet, to be frank it’s not very fun, it’s just another shooty game with epileptic fit inducing graphics and limited motion. • But it’s still considered by many to be the rarest and most valuable game in the world and I’d be remiss not to put it at the top, even if it’s not very famous.