GTA 5 Casino Gambling DLC Update for GTA Online!

I’m bringing you guys a new information about the casino dlc that could be coming in the coming months in GTA, 5 and GTA Online. So this information is coming straight from funmw2 and he said: “Gambling functions like casino lottery and car betting is Rockstar’s next project for GTAOnline And we will be recieving that some point in the coming months by the looks .” – And he is saying this because of This that’s what he found in the source code of GTA 5 Online. It says Casino Game Info Decorator. I guess Gambling update might be coming.

This was added with the 1.21 patch and it changes the script in the game So looks like We are going to get anoher mega update by Rockstar. Of course, the casino or gambling DLC update, gon na be huge, we’ll be able to play poker. We will able to bet pink slip, racing we’re gon na be able to put our cars on the line, which is definitely gon na freaking sick, and this is just another leak about the casino gambling dlc. We are actually getting casino, dlc leaks from a very long time and by the fact we recently got more files and code added in to the game. With the recent patch. It seems like we will be getting another huge update in the coming months.

Becuase, if rockstar is taking time to put files in to the game about a dlc from like almost the begining of when gta online was first released. It’S very likely. It’S gon na be a fancy product at the end and, if Rockstar add another heists mission with it, that would be a perfect scenario like how cool it will be doing a casino heist. So definitely let me know what do you think about this?

Do you want something like this in gta online? Let me know your responses down in the comments section down below, because I cannot wait for what Rockstar have in store for us.